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Emily Pesce is the 2021-2022 Block O Treasurer! She is a third year Accounting major, minoring in Economics from Mount Olive, NJ!


She wanted to join the Block O executive board because Block O is a community that allows me to stay connected to Ohio State Traditions and Sports. Emily is also involved with Accounting Honors Program, Accounting TA, and Dean's Leadership Academy!


Here are some of Emily’s favorites:

Favorite Non-ROYGBIV Color: I’ve been into mauve lately

Favorite Food: French fries

Favorite Non-OSU Sports Team: New York Giants

Astrological Sign: Gemini


We asked our board some hard hitting questions about OSU, Emily said:

Block O North or South? South

Fill in the blank: OSU is a _____ school. Football

Favorite Study Spot on Campus? Fisher duh


And of course we have some random facts:

“I am a master binge watcher. It took me a week to watch the entire Game of Thrones Series.”

“I am just a super nerd honestly lol so if u wanna make that joke go ahead lol.”


Follow Emily on social media!!!

Instagram: @emilypesce

Twitter: @_em_pesc_