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Evan Milhaupt is the 2021-2022 Block O Lacrosse Director! He is a third year Finance major, minoring in Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife Studies from Camarillo, CA! 


He wanted to join the Block O executive board he has a passion for all sports and wanted to grow the lacrosse program to have people see it as great as he does! Evan is in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, the Secretary of Club Lacrosse and in the Mountaineers Club!


Here are some of Evan’s favorites:

Favorite Non-ROYGBIV Color: Fox-Tail Pine Tree Green

Favorite Food: Plain toasted bagel with cream cheese

Favorite Non-OSU Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Astrological Sign: Leo


Evan has some pets back at home in Camarillo, here are some cute pictures of them!! Meet Luna and Simon!

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We asked our board some hard hitting questions about OSU, Lucas said:

Block O North or South? North

Fill in the blank: OSU is a _____ school. Football)

Favorite Study Spot on Campus? My room with my roommates as far away as possible.


And of course we have some random facts:

“I once saved my brother's life while we were 10 miles deep in the wilderness backpacking in Yosemite!”

“I love climbing and go to the climbing gym on campus 3-4 times a week, I'm a huge classic rock fan (specifically Steve Miller Band), my lifelong goal is to one day climb an 8000 m peak in the Himalayas.”


Follow Evan on social media!!!

Instagram: @milhaupt.evan

Twitter: @evan_milhaupt