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Haleigh Shafer is the 2021-2022 Block O Marketing Director! She is a third year Marketing major, minoring in Communications from Chagrin Falls, OH!


She wanted to join the Block O executive board because she loves sports and all things marketing, graphic design, etc. and her friend Alondra, who was the 2020-2021 Program Director said she should apply to the executive board, saying she would be a great marketing director! Also wanting to meet so many more amazing people!!! Haleigh is also a Morale Captain for BuckeyeThon! 


Here are some of Haleigh’s favorites:

Favorite Non-ROYGBIV Color: Lavender

Favorite Food: Bagels!

Favorite Non-OSU Sports Team: Cleveland Browns

Favorite TV Shows: Stranger Things, The Office, and Shameless

Astrological Sign: Cancer


Haleigh has a dog back at home in Chagrin Falls, here are some cute pictures of him!! Meet Barclay!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We asked our board some hard hitting questions about OSU, Haleigh said:

Block O North or South? SOUTH BABYYY

Fill in the blank: OSU is a _____ school. Football, no question

Favorite Study Spot on Campus? Woody’s or hammocking on the Oval


And of course we have some random facts:

“I chipped the same tooth 3 different times; once on a glass  door, once by getting kicked in the face on a waterslide, and once by getting elbowed in the face while holding a watermelon.”


Follow Haleigh on social media!!!

Instagram: @haleighshafer

Twitter: @haleighshafer