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Jacqie Roemer is the 2021-2022 Block O Volleyball Director! She is a second year Accounting major from North Ridgeville, OH!


She wanted to join the Block O executive board she wanted to join the org & be a part of exec because she’s loved Ohio State since she was little and being able to bring that same passion in to every game and share it with others is an amazing feeling. Jacqie is also in MMC Scholars Program!


Here are some of Jacqie’s favorites:

Favorite Non-ROYGBIV Color: Pink

Favorite Food: French fries

Favorite Non-OSU Sports Team: Cleveland Browns

Astrological Sign: Pisces


We asked our board some hard hitting questions about OSU, Jacqie said:

Block O North or South? South

Fill in the blank: OSU is a _____ school. Definitely a football school

Favorite Study Spot on Campus? The Union


And of course we have some random facts:

“I have an identical twin sister who doesn’t go here!”

“I’m just super excited for a *hopefully* normal year next year & will finally be able to go to games!”


Follow Jacqie on social media!!!

Instagram: @jacqieroemer

Twitter: @jacqieroemer