" D Y E D  I N  T H E  

W O O L  R O O T E R S."

O U R  H I S T O R Y

Block O was founded in 1938 by head male cheerleader and junior at the time Clancy Isaac.  As head cheerleader and student at Ohio State, he wanted to leave his mark on the university by doing what he did best: amplifying Buckeye spirit at home football matches.


Through painstaking trials and tumultuous efforts, Clancy finally had his chance to institute the official cheering section at the Homecoming matchup against Indiana  on October 1, 1938.  It was a modest start that grew to be a treasured Ohio State football tradition: each game, the choreographed student section would perform elaborate card stunts in between cheering for the Buckeyes.  At times, they'd perform as many as ten stunts in a single game.


Clancy was praised for "...[his] spirit [coming] from the heart, while other's got theirs from the bottle."  In his time as head cheerleader, he instituted many famous card stunts, a trick of cape stunts (students wearing colored capes to make a Block O), and the famous cheers of 

Clancy Isaac, 1938 (Ohio State University Archives)

"OH-IO" and Stadium OHIO.  After his junior year, Clancy passed on the reigns of head cheerleader and head of his student section to upcoming junior Charles Reish, but never completely disappeared.  He remained an integral part of the heart and spirit of Block O, attending games and general meetings regularly.


While Block O failed to jumpstart twice before the 1938 debut (first in 1922 by the ROTC and again in 1936 by another student) and has been dismantled and reinstated twice (the first time in the 1940's amidst of World War II, and again later in the post-war-40s),  the core purpose for the student organization has remained constant: provide Buckeye spirit at every home football game.


Time and change surely show how firm thy friendship, and Block O has shown it better than anyone else.  Throughout the past 79 years, we have grown to institute 11 sections, including our massive 2500+ presence at every home football game.  Our mission has expanded from Clancy's original vision to including more sports, more students, and more memories all around.



Our Ohio State University information and constitution can be found here.

Block O Executive Board, 1974 (Ohio State University Archives)

Block O, 2013

Block O Card Stunt (19??)

First-ever 12,000 card card stunt with Nike(2016)

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