Clancy Isaac, 1938 (Ohio State University Archives)

Founded in 1938 by Clancy Isaac, Block O was formed with the idea of amplifying Buckeye spirit inside The Shoe. The official cheering section was started on October 1, 1938 at the Homecoming game, and the card stunt tradition was born. Clancy was praise for his spirit that came from the heart, and now we remember him as the man behind our most treasured cheers.

While our organization has endured many hardships and changes over the past 83 years, the core purpose has remained constant: to provide Buckeye spirit at every home football game. Time and change have surely shown, and Block O has shown firm friendship like no one else.

Through the decades, we have instituted 10 sections, which includes 2500+ students at every home football game. Our mission has expanded to reach more sports, more students, and more opportunities all around. Block O offers philanthropy opportunities throughout the year and encourages our members to get involved. 

Block O will always be about more than just a football team (though we care a whole lot about that too) — it's about the friendships to last a lifetime, and the memories you will never forget. Go Bucks!

Block O Executive Board, 1974 (Ohio State University Archives)

Block O, 2013

Block O Card Stunt (19??)

First-ever 12,000 card card stunt with Nike (2016)

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Block O Homecoming Float (2019)

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Block O Painted Kids (2019)