Block O is one of the oldest student organizations at 82 years old this year, and the largest student organization at The Ohio State University, claiming a top five student org spot among 1000+.  Despite age and size, we strive to continuously make student involvement a priority in the success of this organization.



If you have already purchased Block O North or Block O South football tickets, you are a member.  In paying for those seats, you've already paid your org dues, and are a full member.



Signing up to be a general member of Block O is easy: you can find us at any of our Welcome Week events once Membership dues are $20, with membership available to purchase for any student at The Ohio State University when fall semester begins, where we will be selling memberships.  However, membership doesn't have a deadline: fall or spring, you can become a member at any time by stopping by our office in the Keith B. Keys Center for Student Leadership in the Ohio Union, where our directors will be ready to sign you up.


Memberships require annual renewal.  


Once you are a member, you reap the benefits: free merch and prizes, exclusive roadtrips and events, and once-of-a-lifetime opportunities unmatched anywhere else on campus.


Have questions, concerns, or feedback?  Be sure to contact Membership Director Catie Cleveland at cleveland.116@osu.edu.


Want to get more involved?  Click here.


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