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Are you nuts for hockey? Do you like speed, bone-crushing hits, missing teeth, and highlight reel goals? Do you like graceful skating, cool stick moves, and blocks out of this world? If the answer is yes then the Knucklebucks are the Block O section for you!


Come join us in sections 111 and 117 of the Schott and The Ohio State Ice Rink as we cheer our Men's and Women's Buckeye teams to victory! We’re always looking for ways to get loud and rattle the other team. We bring the energy to every game with fun, clever, and ruthless cheers. We’ve also been known to tweet pictures of Swiss cheese at opposing goaltenders from time to time if we feel the cheese would be a better goalie. We promise it’s a great time!


Come join us as we shake the Schott and The Ohio State Ice Rink.

Our 2021-2022 Knucklebucks Director is junior Jen Kaufman.