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charlie mcdermott.heic
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Year: 3rd Year

Sport Industry Major

Hometown: Annandale, New Jersey

Favorite Non-OSU Sports Team: Cleveland Guardians

Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Favorite Color: Scarlet 

Other OSU Involvements: ALD Honors Society

Favorite Block O Memory: Trash Talking Maryland Men’s Basketball’s Bench Players

Why Block O? I chose Block O to be a part of a group that I can share endless memories with while cheering on my favorite organization in sports! O-H

Block O North or Block O South: North only because I’d be able to hear TBDBITL better!

***Editor's Note: The band is in the South Stands so idk what this man is talking about

What Type of School are we? Baseball/Softball school, no question about it. But between our revenue generators, Basketball over Football.

Random Fun Fact: My mother used to teach here, so I’ve bled scarlet and grey since I was born!

Favorite Study Spot: The tables outside of the post office on 18th Ave.

Dream Job: I’d like to be a marketing manager for a college sports program, preferably The Ohio State University or somewhere on the East Coast

Celebrity Look alike? Ethan Cutkosky (Carl Gallagher from Shameless)

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