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Year: 4th Year

Marketing Major with a Communications Minor

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Favorite Non-OSU Sports Team: Cleveland Browns

Favorite Food: Bagels

Favorite Color: PURPLE

Other OSU Involvements: Executive Morale Captain for BuckeyeThon

Favorite Block O Memory: Everything about the Duke game!! Although I didn’t camp out, I still got there pretty early the day of, did homework outside of the Schott for hours with everyone being so excited for the game!! The obviously winning and rushing the court after being trampled and pushed around by the security. Best game ever.

Why Block O? I love sports and all things marketing, so it seemed like a perfect fit!!! My friend Alondra convinced me to apply for the Marketing Director last year, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made (:

Block O North or Block O South: SOUTHHHHH

What Type of School are we? Let’s see how we do in March Madness, then I’ll pick an answer… Update...I'm still indifferent

Random Fun Fact: I chipped the same tooth 3 different times: once on a glass door, once on a water slide, and once by getting elbowed in the face while holding a watermelon.

Favorite Study Spot: The Union

Dream Job: Marketing Manager for any NFL Team

Most Used Emoji: 😎

Celebrity Look alike? Kate Winslet

You are singing karaoke, whats the song? Only by Nicki Minaj

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