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Year: 3rd Year

Sports Industry Major with a Strategic Communications Minor

Hometown: Los Angeles, California 

Favorite Non-OSU Sports Team: Chicago Bears 

Favorite Food: Honeydew melon (the green one)

Favorite Color: Purple 

Other OSU Involvements: OSU Athletic Department Intern, FIJI Recruitment Chair, IFC VP of Scholarship, The PRactice Associate, Block O Lacrosse Committee, Food Recovery Network

Favorite Block O Memory: Knocking off #1 Duke at home

Why Block O? Being from across the country, there was no better way to learn OSU’s history and traditions than joining Block O. Block O has led to countless friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Block O North or Block O South: South 

What Type of School are we?: Basketball (duh)

Random Fun Fact: I played the trombone for 6 years

Favorite Study Spot: Outside on the Oval 

Anything else fun you want to share? I will beat you at bowling any day of the week.

Dream Job: Running sports marketing strategies for a professional sports team.

Celebrity Look alike? Buzz Lightyear 

You are singing karaoke, whats the song? California Gurls by Katy Perry

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