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Nick is a third-year from Mason, Ohio studying Economics through the Fisher College of Business. With his childhood bedroom wall painted with the helmet stripe, over 3/4 of his wardrobe being Ohio State clothing, and a framed portrait of Woody Hayes hanging on his wall, Nick has been a lifelong Buckeye fan. His love of football drew interest to Ohio State but it was ultimately the culture, traditions, and academics that cemented his fate to attend this great university. Freshman year, he missed out on Block O South tickets so he attended setup and instantly knew that BOS was where he belonged. He got further involved by joining the Football Committee, helping fuel the game day experience in The Shoe. During his sophomore year, Nick served as the Director of Football Operations in Block O. This is was a unique opportunity allowing him to bolster the support from hundreds of student fans during football games, meet with newly instated Coach Ryan Day, and establish a tradition in celebration of the greatest rivalry in all of sport. Nick’s favorite memory in Block O was vaulting over the South section’s railing to storm the field after Ohio State’s “mirage” 39-62 win over That Team Up North. Although 2020 has brought many tough challenges to Block O, he is confident that Block O will rise above the adversity by continuing to support Ohio State’s student-athletes and the Block O members. No matter the time or place, rest assured Nick is committed to upholding the spirit, tradition, and excellence set forth by years of Block O operation and The Ohio State University at large.